The consequences of having lung cancer

Medically, the spread of cancer form a part of the body to another is known as staging. The first days of cancer, when the cancer has just started in the lungs, are known as stage 1 lung cancer. At the moment, the malignant tumor is limited to one place and a certain way began its spread to other parts of the body.

Spread that begins in the lungs involves cell malignant cancer is really small and being present in the lungs, but begins to spread to other organs of the body while destroying tissue. Also known as the primary tumor, the tumor tends to develop the tissue in the lungs, where it is. At this particular stage, not anything beginning perhaps lung cancer survival rate is not as high compared to other types of cancer.

Lung cancer is known as one of the most dangerous forms of cancer in the world today, and he is responsible for more 100 000 deaths each year. Even with such astonishing prevailing on statistics, there are still many people who is not aware that smoking tobacco or cigarettes is the main reason for the case of lung cancer. On the other hand, 2nd hand which is also known as the passive smoking smoking is even more dangerous that 1st hand smoking including cancer of the lung of phase 1.

Cigarettes are usually filled with nicotine, which creates a dependency still toxic for people. If there is excessive exposure to carcinogenic or polluting materials, there is concern that the cells in the lungs may encounter erratic and abnormal growth patterns.

This disorderly cell growth usually results in a tumor that can be seen as the beginning of cancer invasion. In the early stages, the lymph nodes are not affected by cancer cells and survival rates in the early stages rises to 50-60% of chances of complete recovery.

Cancer stage 1 usually manifested in various ways and so quickly, it can be treated, and there are more risks that could not happen under infection of lung cancer. The first symptoms of this condition include breath very little deep and wheezing sounds. The area around the chest is usually where all this pain is felt and chest pain becomes a very common phenomenon when it comes to the growth of the tumor in the areas of the lungs.

There are usually persistent or sometimes chronic cough that is also known as smokers cough. Many infections are starting to emerge in the lungs e.g. bronchitis or even in some cases pneumonia and these all contribute to the build up of lung cancer.

Where one of these symptoms, a health care professional must be notified of a solution design. The professional will recommend the approach to treatment more appropriate for you after reviewing your condition with the disease.

Raven Ross is a talented writer and has knowledge on many topics. He explains the importance of understanding the symptoms of lung cancer to treat this disease at the outset. If you are dealing with a cancer then understand the symptoms of breast cancer help you as well.

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