Five Questions to ask your doctor if that you are diagnosed with mesothelioma

If you have received a diagnosis of mesotheliomafrom your doctor, you may be shaken by this bad news. However, you have a lot of decisions very important to do now; more information you have, better will be your choice. Here are some questions you can ask your doctor to learn more about your options.

1. Is the confirmed diagnosis? An accurate diagnosis of mesothelioma requires a variety of tests. If you have only had a chest x-ray, lung function test and a CT or MRI analysis, diagnosis has not yet been fully verified. Clarify with your doctor if his diagnosis is preliminary and what facts and is based on test results. It is sure that the cancer is in fact the mesothelioma and not another disease, your oncologist should order a biopsy. Even after this stage, other tests are usually required to determine how far the disease has advanced.

2 How much time should I? It is one of the most frightening to ask your doctor questions. Keep in mind that the answer will depend on how far your cancer has spread. Other factors that can affect a prognosis of mesothelioma includes how old you are, if you are / were a smoker, and if you have other health conditions. While the life expectancy of most patients with this disease is not long, there are still many people who survive more than five years. Your doctor will probably be you give an estimate. but this is only a guess based on the available statistics. Your result may be different.

3 What treatments are available?Currently, therapies to extend life are the options available for the treatment of mesothelioma. This disease is usually diagnosed too late for the condition to be reversed. Keep you alive and improve your quality of life are the main objectives of the treatment. Therapies to remove the cancer or to stop its spread include chemotherapy, surgery and radiation therapy. Palliative care (to reduce the pain caused by your symptoms) may include various procedures that drain fluids in the lungs. New treatments are constantly being developed.

4 What should my family and I know? The diagnosis of mesothelioma is a huge blow to you and those you love. Members of the family and friends know not step much about this disease or how they can better help you cope with the disease. Ask your doctor for resources such as brochures about the disease and contact information for local support groups that provide assistance to families through this difficult time.

5 How I get this disease? Establishing what triggered your cancer can be very important to determine whether a former employer or manufacturer of a dangerous product is responsible for the disease. If so, you may decide to consult a lawyer on deposit for a continuation of mesothelioma. Sometimes the exact cause of this cancer cannot be established because the exhibition happened in decades. However, your doctor can help you to revise the history of your life to see if he had any risks such as exposure to asbestosin your home or at work, which can be at the root of your illness.

In the United States, the average age at which patients receive a diagnosis of mesothelioma is approximately 65. Because the disease has a long latency period, usually is not taken until it is very advanced. Clinical trials are underway to find the best treatments for this deadly form of cancer.

If you have received a diagnosis of mesothelioma, a specialist of mesothelioma on your prognosis and treatment.

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