Stage 4 Lung Cancer – what is?

What is stage 4 lung cancer? It is the most advanced cancer of the lung, known stage today. Have cancer at this stage of the ways that the lung tumor has spread to other parts of the body. This is also called metastasis. Identify the stage of lung cancer is important to determine the extent of the spread of cancer and what possible treatment that a patient had cancer must pass if it opt to be treated. This type of lung cancer can affect the brain, liver, adrenal glands and the os.

Usually, a lung cancer is not detected in its early stage. Most symptoms begin to appear at the later stage of the disease. Stage 4 lung cancer symptoms are a persistent cough and sometimes with bloody mucous membranes, shortness of breath, voice hoarseness, difficulty swallowing, intolerable muscles with muscle pain sensitivity, repeated occurrence of pneumonia or bronchitis and fatigue. Affecting the brain, symptoms include severe headaches, vision changes and seizure attacks. The adrenal glands and liver, a cancer patient may experience abdominal pain, fever, yellowish skin, swollen legs, weight loss and loss of appetite. Bone breakage occurs even when there is no injury that took place. Note, however, that different people may have different symptoms as this will depend on other affected organs.

One should have multiple tests when most of the symptoms manifest. -Stage 4 lung cancer can be diagnosed through various tests such as chest x-rays, bone scans, CT scan or MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), ultrasound and other blood tests. After all necessary tests and diagnosis has been made, this disease a person has the right to obtain a second opinion, after all, his life is at stake. Note however that this form of lung cancer was no cure, but there are methods of treating an individual can be to reduce pain at some level, to slow the growth of cancer cells and extend its life.

The current recommended treatments to slow the spread of cancer cells from stage 4 lung cancer are treatments for chemotherapy, radiation therapy and in some cases, the combination of the two. Why not surgery? At this time the surgery is not recommended because as said, this stage is characterized by the spread of tumours in different organs. Surgery to remove the organ with tumor. To remove all the organs and tumour will be only to the lowest cancer patient and can even cause pass far earlier that it should. Chemotherapy, treatment using chemical agents to destroy cancer cells. There are three ways to make this treatment. It can be taken orally, by injection or by veins. What is important is the determination of the administration of this treatment. But there is a setback. Treatment can also destroy non-cancerous cells. Chemotherapy cannot distinguish a good cell to a cancer cell. Radiation therapy use of other radioactive substances to target and destroy the DNA of cancer cells. An external machine can be used or a radioactive material can be inserted in the body and the position the area affected by the tumor. Such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy can also damage the normal cells of the body.

In consideration of the family of a cancer patient, they will also experience agony as witnesses the physical difficulties through their one love. Patient cancer so hard will try do step to show how much physical pain, he knows because he knows that his love ones will also suffer. In reciprocity, members of the family will try hard not to show how much they sympathize and empathize with their cancer patients. For most families, a disease such as cancer of the lung at stage 4 has introduced the members of the family more closely to each other. One of the concerns which brings together the family is the fact that it is a case of terminal. It is, but human nature to want to spend time with a love that you know will soon be gone. Another reason relates to family decisions and support should be taken. When a patient decides that he wants to follow a treatment he will need all the support that his family can give.

Stage 4 lung cancer is a terrible disease that no one wants to have, but there are ways not to reach this stage, if you already have lung cancer.

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