Stage 4 lung cancer and survival rate

The most advanced cases of lung cancer is called stage 4 lung cancer. Stage 4 lung cancer survival rate is less than 5%. This type of cancer occurs when cells of malignant tumors have spread to other tissues or organs of the body. The process of transfer of the malignant cells to other parts of the body is called metastasis. Survival depends greatly on the spread of the cancer cells. The cancerous tumour can spread to the brain, adrenal glands, bone and liver as well.

Stage 4 lung cancer should not really move forward at a later stage. For most cases of this type of cancer, early detection is very important. As the symptoms, persistent cough, shortness of breath in breath, difficulty breathing and swallowing, hoarseness in the voice and intolerable pain in the chest are symptoms of lung cancer.

In this step, the rate of survival for this type of cancer is more unexpected. According to reliable statistics, there is only a statistic of 12% of diagnosed patients survival.

When the tumor begins to spread to the brain, changes in vision and violent headaches, accompanied by seizure attacks can occur. When the liver and adrenal glands are affected by cancer cells, the patient may experience a loss of appetite and weight loss. It can also experience with yellowish skin and abdominal pain.

It should be remembered that these symptoms are also common symptoms of other diseases. If you feel like being assigned a dangerous disease such as lung cancer, you should immediately consult a health professional. A lung specialist licensed will give you a few tests that will determine if you really have a tumor in your lungs.

Several tests are given to someone who is suspected of having 4 stage lung cancers. Chest x-rays, CT scans, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) blood test and ultrasound tests necessary to determine whether it really has a cancerous tumor in his lungs. Everyone has the right to have a second opinion if a diagnosis of lung cancer. But it must be remembered that the last phase of cancer has a low record of treatment. Although there are methods of treatment, they are just to slow tumor growth in different tissues and organs in his body.

The rate of survival at 5 years of stage 4 lung cancer is just 3% chance of survival. It should be noted that these records were determined in the past 10 years. With the advancement of technology medical and improvised methods of cancer treatment, survival of stage 4 lung cancer can still be improved.

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