Nail clipping can determine the risk of lung cancer

Get this… a test of your fingernail clippings can tell what your risk of cancer of the lung to exposure to cigarettes, even if you are not a smoker!

It is the result of the tests of the 210 men nail clippings diagnosed lung cancer, more than 630 men used as free of the disease controls. Cuts of nail used for this research were given by medical professionals taking part in the study.

Why use nails, of all things?

The researchers were trying to find a way to measure exposure to second-hand smoke. They attempted to measure the levels of nicotine in the hair, but when researchers discovered cuts of the nail of participants in the study that they believe that they can be useful. Given that the hair and nails form since the same type of tissue, it may be possible to test for nicotine.

Nails are your exposure to nicotine in the past year and have the advantage of do not need special arrangements of storage. Fingernails grow more rapidly among men and young people and for us all during the summer months.

Surprisingly, the team found that the levels of nicotine in the nails are a reliable indicator of smoking up to 6 years before the cuts were given. They are also able to predict the risk of heart disease in women. Females who had the highest level of nicotine in their fingernails had a chance to more than 42% of heart disease compared to those at the lowest level of nicotine.

The 20% of press clippings with the highest levels of nicotine showed men most at risk of developing lung cancer. They had a 10.5 times more chance of this form of cancer compared to 20% of the participants who have the lowest amount of nicotine in their cuts. Even when accounting for smoking, the men with the highest levels of nicotine in the nail had 3.5 times more likely to be diagnosed with lung cancer compared to those who have less nicotine in the nail.

Like cancer, lung cancer is one of the deadliest types for men and women. Most died of a lung cancer than breast cancer, colon and prostate combined. Most common in the elderly, cancer is rare under 45 years of age.

For some, we know that smoking cigarettes is the leading cause of lung cancer. A cause that can be prevented by never from the habit and avoiding sources of second-hand smoke.

Researchers believe now that we have a useful way to measure the exposure of patients, an and predict the risk of lung cancer, if you smoke or are exposed to second-hand smoke. Surprising that exposure to a kind of smoke can be detected throughout your body to the toes.

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