Stage 1 Lung Cancer survival rate

When one is stage 1, This is not a surprise to many physicians because cancer of the lung, even in the early stages, has a very low survival rate. However, many patients is grateful because the life expectancy of a person who has been diagnosed with an early stage of lung cancer have a ratio better than those who are in advanced disease.

There are many variables that can affect the lung cancer survival rates even if the patient has been diagnosed just stage 1 lung cancer. One of the factors to consider is the age. Ratio of lung cancer survivors, there is a higher percentage of people under 50 years old who have been cured and survived as a more advanced age.

The type of location and cancer is also a key factor when it comes to survival for lung cancer. In some people the malignant cells or tumors tend therefore slowly affect other cells or tissues in the lungs. This type of tumor is much easier to deal with radiation therapy or chemotherapy and surgery so that other types of cancer.

Sex is also an overall rate of survival factor. Women had a higher ratio of survival than men in all cases of cancer of the lungs throughout the entire globe.

The ability to respond to the drug or treatment is a huge when it comes to survival rates. Treatment tolerance can vary depending on patients with malignant tumours in the body. You must have a strong physical and mental capacity to go through the pain of the drugs.

When close to smoke at the initial stage of lung cancer, he has shown an enormous improvement in the chances of survival of the patient.

The rate of overall lung cancer survival of a patient in a period of five years for phase 1 of lung cancer is 60-80% chance of survival. Today the recent studies have shown that if the lung cancer was detected in as soon as possible, chances of survival can increase up to 90% or even more. With all the progress in medical technology today, clinical detection or testing to identify the simplest form of tumours are now in hand to help physicians and patients.

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