Survival rate of Cancer of the lung – stage 1 Lung Cancer

Staging is a term defined by physicians to encourage the spread of the cancer on the body. The first stage of lung cancer is defined as 1 stage lung cancer. This malignant tumour is confined in an area and it begins to spread and affect other parts of the body over time.

In this phase, the malignant cells cancer became a small tumour and are present in the lungs, and he began to expand to destroy other tissues and organs in the body. The tumor is called the primary tumor and will increase of tissue in the lungs, where he lives. Survival rate of cancer of the lung at this stage are not high that other types of cancer, even if it is in the early stages.

Lung cancer is known to be one of the most deadly types of cancer in the world, claiming no less 100 000 lives each year that passes. Not everyone is aware that smoking cigarettes or tobacco products are the number 1 reason why people more lung cancer. Passive or second – hand smoke is really having worse effects that first-hand smoke when it comes to the stage 1 lung cancer.

Nicotine addictive ingredient in cigarettes is toxic in nature and exposure to pollutants or carcinogenic materials may lead to abnormal growth of cells in the lungs. This abnormal growth of cells eventually becomes a tumor which leads to the first phase of lung cancer. On the first phase of this disease, lymph nodes are not yet affected by malignant cells. Cancer survival rates are 50-60% chance of healing.

There are many ways to describe stage 1 lung cancer symptoms, and so immediately detected and treated, the chances of healing and the lungs of cancer survival rates is favorable. This malignant disease symptoms may begin shallow breathing which is attached with a wheezing sounds. These ailments in the area of the breast and chest pain are also symptoms of growing tumor in the lungs. Persistent or chronic cough (this is also called smokers cough) and recurrent infections in the lungs, such as bronchitis or pneumonia can lead to lung cancer as well.

If you find these symptoms, you should seek the advice of a health care professional to find the way faster to treat you if you are at risk of contracting this dreaded disease.

Stage 1 lung cancer survival rate information visit survival for Lung Cancer.

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