Lung Cancer tips

Lung cancer is one of most deadly type of cancer for women and men. The combination of the breast, colon and prostate cancer may not equal number of people who die each year from lung cancer. The more you know this deadly disease, the better chance you have of prevention.


Because the lung cancer is a condition that occurs over time, it rarely affects people under the age of 45.

Of course we already know that smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer.

Some of the things that are a little more visible and contribute to the risk of lung cancer are: air pollution, arsenic in drinking water, radon, asbestos, coal products, gasoline and diesel exhaust.

Because some of these things, such as respiration, are a necessity, we must take other precautions and preventive measures to offset the pollution that we inhale.


If we start with the obvious prevention, we know that smoking is. Companion is to avoid the smoke other people cigarettes, cigars or pipes.

There is evidence that increasing your consumption of fruits and vegetables may reduce the risk of lung cancer. Associated with this is regular exercise can also reduce the risk of cancer.

There are conclusions that Curcumin and beta carotene supplements can counteract the cells of lung cancer. Green tea and vitamin c can also help in this area, the reason is that these supplements are anti inflammatory or anti oxidants. Many of these supplement are readily available in natural food stores and even local supermarkets. You want to pay attention to quality, high quantity, supplements at low price rarely found in discount stores offer all the benefits. Unfortunately, our food supply decreased nutrient and you can not just eat enough to ensure the protection you need. You can try hydrated of fruits and vegetables in powder form, these supplements are labelled as organic and mix well with fruit juices and cereals.

Of course, you should always consult with your doctor of any changes that you do your health program. There are doctors who have both a degree medical and holistic, if you’re lucky enough to find a doctor who practices both disciplines, then definitely keep informed of what you take.

Since we live in a society where pollutants and toxins are at high levels, we need to get more educated about the causes and prevention.

You can do other things to prevent cancer of the lung, begin by going to The Cancer Monitor. Discover ways to neutralize the things that we all face on a daily basis. Could save you much anxiety and your life possibly in the future.

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