Is your health at risk because of high levels of Radon in your home?

Radon is really one of those words with a meaning. RADON is a very successful gaseous radioactive element formed from the decay of radium. According to data from the EPA; radon is probably the risk factor of # 1 for cancer of the Lung in non-smokers. Radon is a naturally radioactive gas that can be found in our homes. It is an invisible odorless gas that can only be found by conducting a test of radon in the home to check the levels. Radon is found more frequently in mountainous areas, but any home may have a problem with Radon so the EPA recommends that all homes be tested for the deadly gas. Definition of the EPA radon high inside a House is; a result of assessment radon of 4.0 pCi/l or in your home. Properties that have basements to be designed somewhat underground and built slab properties are most likely already have radon, rather than a home with an empty health. Simply because you buy a House with a crawl does not House will not increase levels of radon, you test course.

There are various methods for radon short-term tests in which housing Inspector uses; autonomous power continuous monitors have a specific benefit to a new buyer of home with a long-term real estate contract; You’ll get the results of the tests in 48 hours.

Almost all the different test methods as boxes of charcoal, so that the liquid scintillation counting of the test systems require delivered to the laboratory of right and then await the final results which differ from 24 hours up to a week.

There are a few questions on it is better to talk with your home radon Inspector. Increased radon concentrations are normally seen in this area? Can you test the property and / or you will need to give the floor to another home inspector to test radon? If the House you buy should be tested for high levels of radon? When radon test results will be available?

If you decide to get your home tested and the inspector discovered high levels of Radon, it is something that can be easily repaired just by installing a new system of removal of radon, which can certainly be equipped with almost all types of building at a reasonable price.

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