Your range of choice in the treatment of Lung Cancer

A number of factors to decide the course of treatment for lung cancer. Oncologists have first determine the type of cancer of the lung histopathology and the stage of the progression of the disease. In addition, the health of the patient, other medical conditions and prognosis of the disease are quite important for the development of the treatment plan.

Treatment options include resection, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, individually or in combination, depending on the factors mentioned above.

If the tumor is contained in the lung and is usable, surgical resection is indicated. There are several standard techniques for surgery for lung cancer are invasive as median sternotomy and Thoracotomy. There are alternative methods too, which earlier limited Thoracotomy is less invasive. The patient loses less comprehensive and less pain and postoperative drainage blood.

Surgical as video assisted thoracoscopy require much smaller incisions that they involve the use of video cameras. Even some doctors suggest that VAT is appropriate only for the initial of the lung cancer stages because the examination of the lung with the cameras is not perfect. Technology of VAT has therefore been enhanced with scans of Computed tomography for more efficient lung cancer surgery.

However, surgical procedures are known translate by lymphopenia, in other words, the deficiency of lymphocytes in the blood which shortens the period of survival of patients who are at an advanced stage of lung cancer. To take care of decrease counts caused by surgery, the patient is treated before the operation with interleukin-2.

Are not all of the lung cancer is usable. In non-small cell carcinoma, surgery is, in most cases, a good option in stages I and II. When the progression of the disease in stage IIIA is very limited, surgery may be recommended, but certainly not phase IIIB. But in small cell lung carcinoma, surgery is not possible, except in rare cases where the disease is at a very early stage of growth. The processing here option is a combination of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Radiation therapy for each patient is provided on the basis of the progress of his illness and health. Above all, it is given in combination with chemotherapy, and surgery is possible, with surgery too. Techniques for imaging such as CT and PET scans help radiologists by targeting the tumour precisely from several angles with little damage to healthy tissue. Radiotherapy Stereotactic body works with great precision on small tumours and research is to see this as an alternative to surgery.

Chemotherapy is a type of drug that kills cancer cells. It can be taken orally or intravenously. With radiation, it deals with effective cancer. At the important stage of the disease, it is the main treatment option. When tested drugs fail to contain the disease, experimental drugs under clinical trial are also administered. These drugs cannot cure lung cancer, but can improve the quality of life of the patient and can, in fact, extend too.

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