Other asbestos health problems

For centuries, asbestos has been used as a material resistant to flame without understanding the kind of health problems, it could create. The use and production of this material increased with consumers and the safety requirements of the modern era, the dangers associated with asbestos exposure became more widespread. Finally, sufficient evidence was available to bind the asbestos fibres in the development of diseases, including cancer of the lung and mesothelioma.

Although these conditions are without doubt the most dangerous consequences of exposure to asbestos, they are certainly not alone. Certain conditions developed from this material not actually damage the lungs quite significant to create symptoms. In particular, a condition known as pleural plaques can accumulate in the lungs. Created from the accumulation of fibres, this condition may be visible on an x-ray, but is usually no symptoms.

Plates may aggravate a pleural thickening over time and with the increased exposure. If the lungs of a person becomes subject to enough asbestos fibres, the condition may cause a significant decrease in the functioning of the lungs. Such as asbestosis and mesothelioma, may take a long period of time for any of these symptoms to appear.

In addition to pleural plaques, a person can develop asymptomatic warts of fibres in the skin. When these fibers dig into the skin, it can be quite large for the body to grow in the affected area. In consequence, skin form on fibre deposited, creating a visible growth that resembles a wart or insensitive.

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