Linking asbestos and Cancer

The link between asbestos and Cancer was discovered since the end of the 1960s, but it was not only up to these last years he has become well publicized and the creation of awareness of the scale of a very high level.

The name given to a large number of naturally mineral silicate fiber is asbestos. It uses is based on its beach properties include high tensile strength, acoustic insulation, thermal insulation, thermal and chemical stability. Many products today contain asbestos, especially in the sector of the building, but not limited to this area.

Exposure to asbestos mainly dust or fibres containing over a period of time can lead to cancer. The most common form developed through exposed summer is known as mesothelioma. Research over the years and the investigation of different case studies clearly that there is an obvious relationship between victims and the exposure to the elements. The sad matter is that develop mesothelioma can also occur secondary exposure, i.e. in the household, members of the family coming into contact with work clothing and other items of work.

Mesothelioma is a serious disease that is often confused with other respiratory disease and the wrong diagnosis leads to it most malignant and therefore fatal. It sometimes malignant form as long as 30 years or more symptoms to appear after exposure meaning that often the condition is already at later stages before summer detected leading to a low rate of survival.

If you have worked in a related asbestos industry or any site construction, insulation or heat, fire-proofing materials production company or you live with such a person, password for a medical check-up is the most appropriate measures to be taken and measures must be taken today not later in the future.

Symptoms include difficulty breathing, thoracic constriction, cough, vomiting blood-stained. The presence of any of these symptoms must be taken seriously and the attention of the physician is required immediately especially if the symptoms persist after 2 weeks.

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